Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Carnewas and Bedruthan Steps, Cornwall

Whilst in Cornwall we found the most magical beach, it was a hell of a climb down to be honest but just the view from above was so stunning we couldn't wait to explore!

This was the view from the top..

The steps!

The steps down were so steep and there were so many of them. But when we got down there, there were so few people and it felt like we could be anywhere in the world.

So many little coves started to appear as the tide went out and there were all these gargantuan rock formations, all weathered away by the sea and forming lots of different shape. One looked like a witch's hat and another had a huge window inside it. There were caves you could go really far back into, rocks to climb and so many rock pools to explore. Some of the rock pools were deep enough to even swim in!

There was a huge pile of the largest rocks and we could just glimpse some beach behind it and saw a few others clambering over them. Hubby and Bailey went to explore taking Loki and were gone for over half an hour; curiosity got the better of me and I attempted to climb over the rocks and see where they had gone too. It was a really tough climb over, the girls and Ruben decided to stay where they were and just enjoy the views from the rocks. But of my goodness it was so worth the climb. It was like something out of a film and apart from Hubby and Bailey there was no one in this cove at all.

Looking at those blue skies makes it hard to believe we were still in the UK!

Ruben was worried about starving but thankfully we had brought rations with us-he is ALL about the food that one.

It was such an amazing day, I hope we get to go back and visit another time but for me this beach will always be an incredibly special memory.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Greenway House, the home of Agatha Christie

Piper has been an Agatha Christie fan for as long as I can remember, I think she started reading her books when she was 8 or 9 years old. A few years ago I remember seeing that the National Trust looked after Agatha's holiday home in Dorset so I knew if we were ever nearby we would have to visit!

You have to book the car park in advance-so bear that in mind if you are planning a trip- but there are other ways to arrive at Greenway; you can arrive by boat and steam train. I don't have sea legs so that was ruled out for me and I would have loved to arrive by steam train but our budget didn't allow..

The house and grounds were really busy when we visited, but it was a very warm week in June. The house is full of collections of all sorts of things,, Victorian shell pictures, stamp boxes, pottery, smoking pipes and of course a collection of Agatha's books, first editions all signed by her.

The staff are really great to talk to and I'm not sure what it was about us (it was me, the girls and Ruben as hubby was outside enjoying the sunshine with Loki) maybe the eclectic hair colour collection? Or maybe the rareness of teenagers but all the staff in the downstairs rooms wanted to talk to us. The first room had a really endearing painting of Agatha aged 4 years old, she was slumped in a chair with her doll and looked very bored, as a child of four made to sit for a painting quite would I suppose! The actual doll from the painting was sat in the chair underneath the painting;

She doesn't actually look the same as the doll in the picture but it made me think about Piper and her doll collections at one point and I told the staff member we were talking to about our trip years ago to the Vina Cooke Doll Museum. She said it sounded fascinating. She got talking to us all about our hobbies and in particular Cordelia's art.

The next room we went into was the sitting room and housed Agatha's beautiful piano, I never knew she was a trained concert pianist until the staff in the room told us. She got up halfway though playing ballet music on the piano and said "I've come to talk to you because you look like such an interesting group of people" that made me laugh! We found out that Agatha was home educated too, I think I probably knew that but had forgotten. We were told some wonderful stories about Agatha but I'm not revealing them because it felt like a really special moment being told some secrets!

I think for me a really special moment was seeing Agatha's wardrobe!! It still had her original clothes and some of her daughter's too. I adore vintage clothing and would have loved to have looked through the wardrobe properly and maybe even tried things on but obviously I couldn't. Felt like a magical moment to be stood there though looking at all her dresses.

There were photo's in the gift shop and one in the house of David Suchet who played Hercule Poirot with the staff. He had also signed a copy of a screenplay for one of the episodes that was filmed at the Boathouse. It was the Dead Man's Shoes story. Piper was really excited to be able to visit the boathouse which is in the grounds of the gardens and has stunning views, it was used to film one of the death scenes from the Poirot series.

The battery was referenced in the book Five Little Piggies. The views are stunning from here, you can see right out on to the River Dart.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

St Michael's Mount, Cornwall

We had a lovely week in Cornwall at the beginning of June. We were so fortunate with weather and during the whole week didn't see a drop of rain-rare for a UK holiday. We were supposed to be travelling for two weeks through Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland but given the current climate of things none of us really wanted to and so we cancelled our booking and opted to stay in the UK instead. 

We are so lucky to have such beautiful places here in the UK, and it was amazing how very far away we felt from everything whilst we were staying there. It is only the second time we have visited Cornwall, and I am really in love with the place.

Our second day-the first day was recovering from the 7 hour drive, swimming and a trip to beautiful Perranporth beach- we headed to Penzance but noted how close we were to St Michael's Mount and so had a slight de-tour. I have seen so many photos of this place but it is a truly magical place. The weather changed quite dramatically even in the two hours we were there. Unfortunately, dogs aren't allowed on the beach :-( so we had to walk on the path instead. Ruben hopped on to the beach to look for stones though. 

How grown up the four pesky hobbits are now. Bailey (19) Ruben (13) Piper (16) and Cordelia (15)

This is the view from St Michael's Mount. When the tide is high you can only reach it by boat and I was amazed to find out that there are 30 residents living on the island full-time. What an interesting place to live!

I think I would get a bit fed up with all the visitors though, we couldn't visit the castle even though we are members of the National Trust because we had Loki with us and no dogs are allowed in the castle or gardens. So we will have to come back another time.

By the time we had walked back to the car the clouds had broken and we had some sunshine :-)

Ruben looking for stones

I'm back...we're back

Hello old blog. I missed you.

I missed writing about our adventures and all the places we visit-and we do visit a lot of places!

I also missed writing about our alternative education, I don't much call it home education any more because it doesn't feel right, if you see what I mean? It never did to be honest. Alternative fits us better. I also think it is a shame not to write about the four pesky hobbits but I will obviously not be revealing everything they are up to.

That's pretty much all there is too say. You might notice my name change to. It was way overdue.


Monday, 10 October 2016

Sheffield Steelers/ weekend!

We had a busy weekend mainly running errands on Saturday with Cordelia in tow. She loves to have us all to herself! It was nothing exciting though just presents for a couple of friends, birthday cards, bits for the house and a milkshake stop for hubby and Cordy. We had a look at new pcs for Cordelia for Christmas, she doesn't want a laptop like Piper.

Saturday night we sat and watched Fifth Element with Piper, Ruben spent most (read all) of the day on Overwatch. He skyped with Sid so was very happy. 

Piper enjoyed the film and thought it was quite funny!

Sunday morning hubby and I got up and walked Loki through the farmers fields, it was a nice start to the day. Then we headed off to Eve's for lunch, dropping Piper and Cordelia off in town for a bit first. Ruben was incredibly well behaved given that Jas is quite a hand full and likes everything her own way. We played Ticket to Ride finally, which was fun but again hard work with Jasmin as she is quite shouty and cheats all the time!

We left in time to go to see the Sheffield Steelers game. Lauren had got us cheap seats at half price but they were actually really good seats!! Ruben and I have never been to a game and hubby hasn't been for over 20 years but we all thought it was fantastic! Its really American like and since we love NFL so much its perfect for us!!

Ruben and I liked watching the man re ice the rink in his gangsta style ride...

Ruben, the fizzy pop golem, with a cup nearly as big as himself...

Lauren and Olivia looking very glamorous and grown up!

The game in play. It was really exciting, our favourite bits were watching players be sent to the "Sin Bin" with "lonely, all on my own" playing as they did. And watching the referee do all the different hand gestures for "hooking" or other fouls. We also liked the "Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh its behind you" song they played when Sheffield scored. 

Half time cheerleaders show!

Was a very fun afternoon. Back home to the girls and Bailey who had cooked tea for themselves and were all off doing there own things. Cordelia and Piper had managed to get home by themselves on the tram and walk up the hill, they'd had a great time. They'd been in lush and Piper had bought a face mask that looks and smells like chocolate, its left her skin looking and feeling so soft. Cordelia bought me this lovely bath bar, which is just like dorothy's slipper in the wizard of oz. Even though I hate the bath in this house-I will have to use it because its so cool!

Not much fun being woke at 11.45pm to Cordelia being sick-mainly chocolate by the looks of it so not sure if its a bug or she ate too much chocolate, she's always been a sneaky eater (if future Cordy is reading this; yes you have! Always hiding biscuits and crackers in boxes and even under your pillows!)

Friday, 7 October 2016


Ha! So much for my challenge of writing everyday through October....Although we didn't seem to do anything worth blogging about yesterday. Cordelia came with hubby and I to visit both sets of his grandparents. We popped into the vegan shop to get handmade chocolate fudge-which is mega and I don't even like fudge-some vego bars (DIVINE!!!) chocolate orange spread (tastes just like terry chocolate orange!) And some soya cream to try.

Piper is full of cold so has been taking it easy doing bits of craft and watching Netflix. Ruben spent a lot of the day playing Overwatch with friend S.

We all sat and watched The Apprentice together last night, as entertaining as always and made us laugh.

Today we had an early trip to Nottingham Ikea, Ruben and Piper came with us. Piper wanted to look for some things despite still feeling rubbish and full of cold, she got a huge glass candle for her room that is vegan friendly :)) I made Ruben come out to have a PC break, he's picked out a new desk for his room so hubby will be putting that together soon. We now have 3 of those desks in the house! But Ruben chose blue legs with his so it will look slightly different.

Cordelia baked a cake, trying the recipe from Wednesday again but with vanilla extract and jam and a different buttercream too. All vegan again too!

Bailey had his meningitis vaccine today, heard on the local news that a 9 year old local girl died from the virus a few days okay which is very scary. Relieved he's had it done now, it can be rife in university apparently.

The Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children book arrived today too. I'm not sure who will get to read it first.

Cooking a roast dinner for tea as it's cold and rainy outside and feel like comforting food.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

First up this morning was a trip to the orthodontics for Piper. The dentist seems pleased with her progress and hopefully her fixed brace should be removed in the next couple of months. Her teeth look so different, it will be great to see what they look like soon.

This afternoon we took Cordelia and Ruben to the cinema to see Tim Burton's new film 'Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children' they've been looking forward to it for ages. It's a great film if a bit scary in parts. A year ago I'm not sure Ruben would have liked it, he was at an "everything  scares me" stage but it didn't bother him at all. We loved the costumes!!

We popped to hobbycraft for more paper for Cordelia-she likes to "feel" all the different papers first!! Piper has been blogging, doing math and listing some of her jewellery on Etsy.

After dinner Cordelia made a vegan cake for us to watch tonight's Bake Off with! Looks yum 😀