Friday, 7 October 2016


Ha! So much for my challenge of writing everyday through October....Although we didn't seem to do anything worth blogging about yesterday. Cordelia came with hubby and I to visit both sets of his grandparents. We popped into the vegan shop to get handmade chocolate fudge-which is mega and I don't even like fudge-some vego bars (DIVINE!!!) chocolate orange spread (tastes just like terry chocolate orange!) And some soya cream to try.

Piper is full of cold so has been taking it easy doing bits of craft and watching Netflix. Ruben spent a lot of the day playing Overwatch with friend S.

We all sat and watched The Apprentice together last night, as entertaining as always and made us laugh.

Today we had an early trip to Nottingham Ikea, Ruben and Piper came with us. Piper wanted to look for some things despite still feeling rubbish and full of cold, she got a huge glass candle for her room that is vegan friendly :)) I made Ruben come out to have a PC break, he's picked out a new desk for his room so hubby will be putting that together soon. We now have 3 of those desks in the house! But Ruben chose blue legs with his so it will look slightly different.

Cordelia baked a cake, trying the recipe from Wednesday again but with vanilla extract and jam and a different buttercream too. All vegan again too!

Bailey had his meningitis vaccine today, heard on the local news that a 9 year old local girl died from the virus a few days okay which is very scary. Relieved he's had it done now, it can be rife in university apparently.

The Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children book arrived today too. I'm not sure who will get to read it first.

Cooking a roast dinner for tea as it's cold and rainy outside and feel like comforting food.

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